Kids parties for groups of 6 or more

Bring in your cake & presents and celebrate in our free festive party room.

 Pottery painting parties start at just $14 per guest and include a free birthday plate.

Fused glass parties start at just $15 per guest and with 10 or more guests the Birthday persons work is Free.

adult parties for groups of 6 0r more

bachelorette, birthday, school, work, or other gatherings

bring your own refreshments of choice and use our free festive party room.

both of our studios are wine friendly and you are welcome to bring in food & drink anytime you like even if you are not having a party!


Sunfire Ceramics is perfect for large group gatherings. We have party rooms, main studios, and front patio painting in nice weather.

Our base price is just $14 per person and includes the pottery & firing for many items. 

Our party rooms can hold 20-35 people, and you can arrange to use them in shifts for larger groups. our entire shop holds 50+. Additional outdoor seating available in nice weather.

We also offer before or after hours groups which make using the entire shop easy. another large group option is to arrange for a party "to go" and paint at the place of your choice.